Employment in Quarter 3 of 2019

(based on data of the Labour Force Survey)

Employment rate in the Republic of Belarus (the ratio of employed population to the population aged 15 − 74 years) in Quarter 3 of 2019 was 68.3%; unemployment rate (in compliance with the ILO methodology) was 3.9% of the number of labour force.

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The survey is carried out in compliance with the methodology of the International Labour Organization on a quarterly basis in order to obtain the information on the number of labour force, employed, unemployed as well as the persons outside the labour force, by gender, age, level of education, and other demographic and socio-economic characteristics.

During the survey, the persons aged 15 through 74 years are interviewed. The lower age threshold has been set in compliance with the UN recommendations for population censuses that specify that the minimum age for measuring economic activity of the population should not exceed 15 years; while the upper age limit has been set taking into account the facts of economic activity.

The survey is conducted in all regions and the city of Minsk using the sampling method and covers 0.7% of the total households in the Republic of Belarus, with further extrapolation of results on the total population of the surveyed age.

23.10.2019 16:00

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