Financial performance of companies as of January 1, 2017

In 2016 profitability of products, goods, works and services sold was 9.2%, profitability of sales – 7.3%.

At 1 January 2017 accounts receivable were at BYN 29.9 billion, of which overdue receivables at BYN 6.9 billion, or 22.9% of the total receivables.

At 1 January 2017 accounts payable were at BYN 39.6 billion, of which overdue payables at BYN 6.9 billion, or 17.3% of the total payables.

Excluding banks, insurance companies, budgetary organizations, micro entities and small entities without departmental affiliation.
Value indicators are presented in the standard of prices effective since 1 July 2016 (BYN). 15.02.2017 16:00

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