Organised tourism in the Republic of Belarus in 2017

As of the end of 2017, 1444 companies were operating in tourism sector in Belarus, whose services were used by 1987 thousand organised tourists and excursionists, of which 935.4 thousand tourists and 1051.6 thousand excursionists.

In 2017 the number of organised outbound tourists and excursionists was 727.5 thousand, with 19% of visits to the CIS countries, 35.5% to the EU countries, and 45.5% to other countries.

The most frequently visited foreign countries in 2017 were Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Russian Federation, Poland, Spain, Greece, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Italy. These countries accounted for 85.6% of total organised outbound tourists and excursionists.

In total, 282.7 thousand organised inbound visits to Belarus were recorded in 2017. The biggest number of organised inbound tourists and excursionist were from the Russian Federation (67.7%).

Among other countries, the largest number of inbound visitors came to Belarus from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, China, Germany, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Israel.

The average duration of stay of inbound tourists in 2017 was 4 days.

The domestic tourism continues to develop and to attract tourists and excursionists. Thus, in 2017 the number of organised domestic tourists was 82.1 thousand, of excursionists 894.7 thousand.

To accommodate tourists, the related services were offered by 586 hotels and similar accommodation facilities, of which by 384 hotels and hotel complexes.

In 2017, 1805.6 thousand guests were accommodated in hotels and similar accommodation facilities. Belarusian citizens of guests were 49.2%, citizens of other countries were 50.8%, of which 34.9% of guests from the CIS countries.

In 2017, 486 sanatorium, health resort, health improvement and other specialized accommodation facilities were functioning in Belarus, including 76 sanatoria.

In total, 775.2 thousand guests were accommodated in sanatorium, health resort, health improvement and other specialized accommodation facilities in 2017, of which 198.3 thousand foreign citizens, or 25.6% of total guests.

According to the Ministry for Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus, 1821 rural ecotourism facilities were operational in Belarus as of the end of 2017. The number of tourists who used rural ecotourism services in 2017 was 351.1 thousand persons. The nationals of Belarus made up 90.4% of total rural ecotourists.

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