Standard of living of households in 2017

(sample household living standards survey)

The data of the sample household living standards survey show that in the Republic of Belarus in 2017 disposable resources1) per household totaled BYN 1043.5 per month, with BYN 1115.2 per month in urban areas and BYN 855.1 per month in rural areas.

Money expenditure per household totaled BYN 980.7 per month, of which consumption expenditure2) accounted for BYN 756.2 (77.1%).

In the structure of household consumption expenditure the food expenditure accounted for 40.7%, purchase of non-food goods – 31.8% and services – 24.5%.

1) Disposable resources comprise household funds, the value of consumed home-grown food less the expenses of its production and the value of in-kind benefits and payments.

2) Consumption expenditure is expenditure of households on food (including public catering), on buying alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, non-food goods and paying for services. Consumption expenditure does not include taxes, financial assistance and other non-consumption expenditure as well as expenditure related to the production of agricultural produce in personal subsidiary plots and saving (bank deposits, purchase of real estate, foreign currency, etc.).

07.03.2018 16:00

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