Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Belarus, 2012

Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Belarus, 2012

Document type: Statistical data books

Registration No.: 03/99-р

Registration date: 17 April 2012

Organization: National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat)

Periodicity: Annual

Language: Russian и English

Abstract: The Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive statistical publication of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, reflecting phenomena and processes that occur in economic and social life of the country. The statistical book provides the information on the demographic situation, employment, working conditions and living standards. The data on GDP production and use are also published. A special attention is paid to the indicators describing the state of social and production spheres. The information on natural resources, environmental protection, national wealth, science and innovation, investment, financial position of the organizations, monetary and credit system, small business, prices and tariffs, foreign trade is published. A chapter titled “International Comparisons” provides the data on Belarus as compared with the CIS and other countries. Basic socio-economic indicators are presented in a breakdown by regions and Minsk City. Methodological comments in the beginning of each section explain the meaning of main statistical indicators and concepts used in the Yearbook. The Statistical Yearbook is published in Russian and English.

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