STEP (Statistics through Eastern Partnership) programme

STEP ( is a European Union funded regional cooperation programme implemented by Eurostat.

The Republic of Belarus is represented in the project by the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

The objective of the STEP project is to improve the national statistical system and to harmonise it with the systems of the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) as well as with European standards.

The programme was launched in 2019. It will run for 34 months with a total budget of 4.7 million euros.

The programme targets national statistical offices of partner countries as well as other producers of official statistics. It includes a series of educational courses, technical assistance missions, trainings, workshops, study visits and the production of regional publications.

The programme activities are grouped into 4 components:

1. Component 1 (C1): Improving the production and dissemination of high quality statistics in partner countries.

The aim of the component is to improve the availability and use of data for all categories of users, enhance the implementation of quality assurance systems and draw attention to regional harmonised data in particular policy areas;

2. Component 2 (C2): Harmonisation of statistical methodologies with international and European standards.

The objective of the component is to improve the quality of labour market statistics and to bring them in line with ILO standards, to develop and implement algorithms for calculating the labour cost index in line with international standards, to strengthen institutional capacity for conducting population and housing censuses and to improve methodology in different areas of population statistics;

3. Component 3 (C3): Strengthening the institutional capacity of national statistical offices in line with the principles of the Code of Standards for European Statistics.

The aim of the component is to strengthen coordination between the structures of national statistical systems;

4. Component 4 (C4): Support evidence-based policy making where policy decisions are supported by statistical evidence through improved cooperation and coordination between national statistical agencies and governing bodies.

The objective of the component is to support priority policy areas that ensure the availability of the required indicators and to strengthen the process of assessing the availability of SDG data through improved use of dedicated assessment methods. Print version
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