Activities of private farms in the Republic of Belarus in 2020

At the beginning of 2021, there were 3462 active private farms in the country. Over the last decade their number increased by 1020 farms, or by 41.8%.

As at 1 January 2021, private farms utilised 247.4 thsd hectares of agricultural land, of which 170.6 thsd hectares of arable land. Compared with 2010, agricultural land of private farms has increased 2.1 times and arable land 2 times.

Over the recent years private farms have significantly outpaced agricultural organisations in terms of growth rate of agricultural production.

The agricultural production of private farms in constant prices increased in 2020 3.4 times, with crop production up 3.7 times and animal production up 1.7 times, compared with 2010.

The share of private farms in total agricultural production has also increased. In 2020 it was 2.6% (1% in 2010), with an increase in crop production from 1.6% to 5.1%, and in animal production from 0.3% to 0.5%.

The main agricultural activity of the majority (over 70%) of private farms is crop production. It accounts for over 90% of the total farmers’ output.

In 2020, private farms harvested 295.2 thsd tonnes of cereals and leguminous plants, 390.3 thsd tonnes of potatoes, 353.1 thsd tonnes of vegetables, and 102.2 thsd tonnes of sugar beet.

The share of vegetable production in the total republican volume was 20.2%, of potatoes 7.5%, of grains 3.4%, of sugar beet 2.5%. In comparison with 2010, the share of the private farming sector in vegetable production increased 3.3 times, potato production 3.8 times, grain production 2.4 times, and sugar beet production 1.8 times.

In the total animal production, the share of private farms is insignificant. For example, in 2020 their share in sales of livestock and poultry for slaughter (in live weight) was 0.7%, and of milk 0.4%. The contribution of farms to wool production is more significant at 12.4%.

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