Census Database

System of the 2009 Belarus Census Database Access via the Internet

(is intended to make the 2009 population census data and demographic statistics accessible
by  wider Internet user community)

With the help of the System user can obtain the following information

Results of Belarus population census 2009:


Demographic statistics:

1. Number and territorial distribution of population

1. Population as of beginning of year

2. Demographic characteristics

2. Average annual population

3. Educational attainment

3. Number of births

4. Socio-economic characteristics

4. Number of deaths

5. Ethnic composition and citizenship

5. Net international migration

6. Migrational characteristics

6. Number of marriages

7. Characteristics of households

7. Number of divorces

8. Housing conditions

8. Natural increase (+), decline (-)

9. Population temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus

Minimum computer and basic software requirements:

Enter the System of the 2009 Belarus Census Database Access

•at least 450 MHz processor;

•128 МB RAM or more;

•4 GB HDD or more;

•Ethernet 10/100TX network adapter;

•Microsoft Windows 2003/XP/7 operating system (OS);

Before starting to work with the system, please consult User Manual.

•Web browser (MS Internet Explorer (at least 8.0), Google Chrome (at least 9.0), Mozilla Firefox (at least 3.6), Opera (at least 11.0));

•Microsoft Office 2003 or higher;

•Adobe Flash Player (at least 10.0)

User workstation should have Internet access. Recommended connection speed 33.6 Kbps or higher.



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