According to the first estimate for Half-year 1 2019, GDP at current prices totaled BYN 60.3 billion, or 100.9% of the level of Half-year 1 2018 at constant prices. The GDP deflator for Half-year 1 2019 was 106.9% of the same period of the previous year.

17.07.2019 17:00

In January – June 2019 organisations and individual entrepreneurs transported 203.9 million tonnes of freight, or 91.8% of freight transported in January – June 2018. The freight turnover was recorded at 63.1 billion tonne-kilometres, or 92.4% of the corresponding period of 2018.

17.07.2019 16:00

In January – June 2019 the volume of industrial production in current prices was recorded at BYN 55.6 billion or 100.1% in constant prices compared with January – June 2018, with 101.1% in Mining and quarrying; 100.2% in Manufacturing; 98.6% in Electricity, gas, steam, hot water and air conditioning supply; and 101.2% in Water supply; waste management and remediation activities.

17.07.2019 16:00

In the first half-year 2019 the wholesale turnover was recorded at BYN 47.7 bn, or 96.3% over the first half-year 2018 at constant prices.

17.07.2019 16:00

In the first half year of 2019 the agricultural production in farms of all types (agricultural organisations, private farms and household plots) at current prices was BYN 6.2 billion, or 100.2% of the level of the first half year of 2018 at constant prices.

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The data book presents statistics on the main economic indicators of small and medium-sized business entities in the Republic of Belarus for the years 2012 – 2018.

The book presents data on tourism sector development, domestic tourism consumption, direct contribution of tourism to the country’s economy, employment in tourism sector.

The data book presents time series characterisng the development of the national education system.

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