In January-July 2018 organisations and individual entrepreneurs transported 260.2 million tonnes of freight, or 105% of freight transported in January-July 2017.

17.08.2018 16:00

In January – July 2018 the wholesale turnover was recorded at BYN 51.9 bn, or 106.7% over January – July 2017 at constant prices.

17.08.2018 16:00

In January – July 2018 the volume of industrial production in current prices was recorded at BYN 61.8 billion or 107.5% in constant prices compared with January – July 2017

16.08.2018 16:00

According to the first estimate for January-July 2018

16.08.2018 16:00

Real disposable money incomes* of the population of the Republic of Belarus in January – June, 2018 amounted to 107.6% compared to January – June, 2017.

15.08.2018 16:00


The statistical book contains the data on the state of the environment, availability and use of natural resources, and environmental expenditure.

The data in the book is provided in time series characterizing the situation in the agriculture of the country, its material and technical base.
The book includes data on the volumes of agricultural production, structure of the production of basic agricultural products, per capita agricultural production.
This publication contains information on the agricultural area and its structure by types of farms; areas under crops, gross harvest, yield capacity of crops and perennial plantings. Presented are data on the number of livestock and poultry, production of basic animal husbandry products.

The data book presents statistical information reflecting price processes in the consumer market of the Republic of Belarus in 2012-2017. The book comprises statistical data on the level and dynamics of prices (tariffs) in the consumer market of the Republic of Belarus, selected financial indicators and international comparisons. The information is provided in the form of tables and graphic material.

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