In January – October 2018 profitability of products, goods, works and services sold was 9.5%, profitability of sales – 7.7%.

14.12.2018 16:00

As compared with October 2018, industrial producer price index was 100.4% in November 2018 and 105.9% as compared with December 2017, of which for investment – 100.4% and 103.9% accordingly, intermediate goods – 100.5% and 106.7%, for consumer goods – 100.3% and 103.3%.

12.12.2018 16:00

The consumer price index of goods and services in November 2018 was 100.6% compared to October 2018, and 104.8% compared to December 2017.

10.12.2018 16:00

In January – October 2018, the turnover of foreign trade in goods of the Republic of Belarus totaled USD 59 670 million, of which exports USD 27 969.1 million and imports USD 31 700.9 million. Compared with January – October 2017, the turnover of foreign trade in goods at current prices was 116.9%, exports 117.8% and imports 116%.

10.12.2018 16:00

The data of the sample household living standards survey show that in the Republic of Belarus in January – September, 2018 disposable resources1) per household totaled BYN 1199.1 per month with BYN 1282.7 per month in urban areas and BYN 981.9 per month in rural areas.

30.11.2018 16:00


«Statistical review of Belarus» is a quarterly statistical publication that contains data on the social and economic situation in the country in January – September, 2018 compared with January – September, 2017.

The Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive publication of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus which reflects phenomena and processes occurring in the economic and social life of the country.

The data book presents statistics describing the financial and economic activities of organizations, the state of the budget, financial and monetary system of the Republic of Belarus.

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