In May, 2016 4 398.1 thousand people were employed in the economy of Belarus.

27 June 2016

In May 2016 the nominal gross average wages and salaries in the Republic of Belarus were BYR 7 182 850.

24 June 2016

17.9 thousand new apartments were built in January-May 2016. 1 559 thousand square metres of total floor space were commissioned.

20 June 2016

In January-May 2016 organisations and individual entrepreneurs transported 170 million tonnes of freight, or 92.6% of freight transported in January-May 2015. The freight turnover was recorded at 51.1 billion tonne-kilometres, or 99.3% of the level of January-May 2015.

17 June 2016

Real disposable money incomes of the population of the Republic of Belarus in January-April, 2016 amounted to 93.1% compared to January-April, 2015.

17 June 2016


The statistical book contains the data on the state of the environment, the availability and use of natural resources as well as the information on conservation areas and environmental expenditure, etc. The information on the air protection and the protection and use of water, land and forest resources is published.

«Statistical review of Belarus» is a quarterly statistical publication that contains data on the social and economic situation in the country by January-March 2016 compared with January-March 2015.

Data on GDP as well as the information characterizing the development of the main kinds of economic activity – industry, agriculture, construction, transport are published.

The bulletin also includes data on retail turnover, paid services provided to population, prices and tariffs, household income, as well as the information on foreign investment.

The statistical reference book provides brief information on socio-economic situation in the Republic of Belarus.
Selected data for 2014 are revised as compared to those published earlier, in some cases data for 2015 are preliminary and are subject to revision in further issues.

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