In May, 2017 4345.1 thousand people were employed in the economy of Belarus.

26.06.2017 17:30

In May 2017 the nominal gross average earnings in the Republic of Belarus were BYN 795.2.

23.06.2017 17:00

16.3 thousand new apartments were built in January-Маy 2017. 1 420.1 thousand square metres of total floor space were commissioned.

19.06.2017 16:00

In January – May 2017 the wholesale turnover was recorded at BYN 29.9 bn, or 99.5% to the level of January – May 2016 at constant prices.

19.06.2017 16:00

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become indispensable from functioning of any organisation; in combination with Internet use and types of connection they reflect the level of use of information resources, new work techniques with other organisations and government bodies, e-procurement, etc.

16.06.2017 16:00


«Statistical review of Belarus» is a quarterly statistical publication that contains data on the social and economic situation in the country in January-March 2017 compared with January-March 2016.

The statistical reference book provides brief information on socio-economic situation in the Republic of Belarus.

The publication presents the results of the annual estimates of the System of National Accounts. Data are provided in compliance with the main provisions of SNA 2008. The accounts of the System reflect economic transactions taking place between institutional units within each kind of economic activity.

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