In June, 2021 4267.6 thousand people were employed in the economy of Belarus.


Employment rate in the Republic of Belarus (the ratio of employed population to the population aged 15 − 74 years) in Quarter 1 of 2021 was 67.6%; unemployment rate (in compliance with the ILO methodology) was 4.0% of the number of labour force.


In June 2021 the nominal gross average earnings in the Republic of Belarus were BYN 1433.4.


23.9 thousand new apartments were built in January – June 2021. 2 040.6 thousand square metres of total floor space were commissioned.


In the first half-year 2021 the wholesale turnover was recorded at BYN 61.5 bn, or 109.5% over the first half-year 2020 at constant prices.


In January – June 2021 the volume of industrial production in current prices was recorded at BYN 71.1 billion or 110.4% in constant prices compared with January – June 2020.



The data book presents the official statistical information describing various aspects of the level and quality of life of the population of the Republic of Belarus in 2015-2020.

The leaflet presents data on the key economic indicators of small and medium-sized business in the Republic of Belarus for 2020 (individual entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium organisations).

The short data book presents statistical data that describe the development of the national education system by levels of education in the dynamics for a number of years.

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