Foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus

410 pages; to be released in September

The data book presents statistics describing the foreign trade in goods and services of the Republic of Belarus in dynamics for a number of years.

There is the information on the on the distribution of exports and imports by countries as well as by country groupings. The commodity pattern of exports and imports is provided by sections and groupings of the Commodity Nomenclature of External Economic Activities of the Eurasian Economic Union, by sections and divisions of the Standard International Trade Classification, by Broad Economic Categories, and by broader commodity groups (investment, intermediate and consumer goods).

Published are data on exports and imports of commodities by selected countries of the world; unit value and volume indices of exports and imports of goods as well as the unit values of selected exported and imported goods.

The main items of the Balance of Payments of the Republic of Belarus are provided.

Detailed methodological notes, charts and diagrams are included.

Published in Russian and English.

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