Regions of the Republic of Belarus (in two volumes)

Volume 1, 760 pages; volume 2, 580 pages,to be released in September

This publication of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus most comprehensively describes the socioeconomic development of the regions, districts and selected cities of the country in 2016 as compared with the previous years.

Published in two volumes.

Volume 1 “Regions of the Republic of Belarus. Socioeconomic indicators” provides statistics on the main indicators in a breakdown by regions, cities of regional subordination and districts. Published are data on the demographic and environmental situation in the regions, on labour force and employment, living standards and social sector.

The book contains data on the number of enterprises and organisations in the regions and Minsk city by economic activity, legal organisational form and ownership. It provides data on fixed assets; on gross regional product by production approach and its trends. Data on the real sector are presented by economic activity – industry, agriculture and forestry, construction, trade, transport and communications. There are data on information and communication technologies, small business and individual entrepreneurs. The book includes data on business finance; price/tariff indices of goods and services; on fixed capital investment and foreign investment; on external trade in goods and services.

The publication contains diagrams and charts, cartographic material and methodological notes.

Volume 2 “Regions of the Republic of Belarus. Main socioeconomic indicators of cities and districts” presents statistics on the cities of regional subordination and districts of the country.

The data book provides a general overview of the socioeconomic development of regions of Belarus. Each city of regional subordination and district is portrayed in terms of the population size and employment, standard of living and social sphere, industrial and agricultural production, fixed capital investment, housing construction and construction of social and cultural facilities, retail trade and paid services for population, exports of goods and services, main business finance indicators.

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