9–11 April 2014 the 62nd plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians was held in Paris

9–11 April 2014 the 62nd plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) was held in Paris (France), where the Heads of  the National Statistical Offices of countries of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe region (hereinafter - UNECE) and the Heads of Statistical Departments of International Organisations participated. The Chairman of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus Zinovsky Vladimir I. participated in the session.


During the 62nd plenary session there were discussed the issues of the optimization and modernization of statistical activities. Special focus was on the issues related to the reconsideration of the value of statistics and the development of the strategy of dissemination of the value of official statistics. There were raised the specific measures to increase public interest in official statistics.


Special seminar in the framework of the session was devoted to migration statistics. There were discussed the needs of improving the quality and accessibility of migration statistics, as well as the possibility to use innovative approaches in migration processes measurement.


Also, the results of activity of the High-level Group for the Modernization of Statistical Production and Services were presented at the session.


Within the discussion of coordination of international statistical activity in UNECE region there were considered and approved the outcomes of the in-depth reviews of Big Data, entrepreneurship statistics, measurement of social protection. They discussed the strategic issues of the statistical offices, as well as issues related to sustainable development, microdata, leading, composite and sentiment indicators and other conceptual and coordination issues.


Practical use of the information obtained during the session will allow to improve efficiency, structure and statistical production in the country, as well as to increase public interest in official statistics. The results of the participation in CES will be in demand in forming perspective directions of further activity in innovative approaches in statistical production taking into account international experience.

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