Global Forum on Trade Statistics “Measuring Global Trade – Do We Have the Right Numbers?” was held in WTO Headquarters on 2-4 February

The Global Forum on Trade Statistics “Measuring Global Trade – Do We Have the Right Numbers?” took place on 2-4 February 2011 in the World Trade Organisation Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


The Forum gathered representatives of Statistical Offices, Customs Services and Central Banks from more than 70 countries from around the world, as well as academic community and international organizations. Ms. Elena Borushko, Deputy Head of Trade Statistics Department, represented the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus in this Forum.


The following issues were discussed:


1. Implementation of the new UNSD recommendations of statistics of international trade in goods and services, including the application of an integrated approach, i.e. linking international trade data with other statistics based on the single business register; 


2. Need for close collaboration between statistical and customs authorities and other government agencies dealing with external trade and to a certain extent involved in the compilation of external trade statistics.


Results of the latest research in the field of global trade were presented: building value chains, impact of international trade on globalization processes, involvement of countries in globalization process and its impact on the national economies, environment and society.


Electronic versions of presentations delivered at the Forum are available on the UNSD website.

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