Energy balance of the Republic of Belarus, 2017

Energy balance of the Republic of Belarus, 2017

Document type: Statistical data book

Registration No.: 05/553-р

Registration date: 25 August 2017

Organization: National Statistical Commettee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat)

Periodicity: Annual

Language: Russian, English


The data book is published in Russian and comprises summary energy balances, balances of certain types of fuels and energy, indicators characterizing the consumption of fuel and energy resources in the Republic of Belarus in time series.

The publication presents the information of the main sources of formation and directions of using of certain types of fuel and energy resources, the impact of fuel consumption on the state of the environment.

Data are presented for the country as a whole with several indicators given by regions and Minsk city and by kinds of economic activity.

International comparisons are provided in a separate section.

The source of information is the state statistical reporting developed in the bodies of state statistics, as well as the official statistical data of separate republican bodies of state administration.

In some cases data for 2016 are preliminary and will be specified in subsequent editions.

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