Sample survey of personal subsidiary plots of rural residents in the Republic of Belarus

In accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 88 of 26 January 2011, the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, starting from 1 July 2011, carries out a sample survey of personal subsidiary plots of persons permanently residing in rural areas. The survey is conducted on a monthly basis in all regions of the country and covers 126 rural councils, 385 rural localities, and 3600 personal subsidiary plots of rural residents (households), which is 0.3% of the total household population.

The sample survey is designed to study the level of household development, to compile sub-annual reliable official data on the crop and animal output, sown and harvested areas, number and turnover of livestock and poultry, and livestock and poultry feed consumption in households.

The sample is drawn from the total rural households. Rural councils, settlements and households are selected every five years. For the purposes of the sample survey, addresses of dwellings where households reside are selected.

Before the first visit to the sampled household, a survey specialist sends to the household’s address a formal letter which briefly describes the survey procedure and specifies the date of the first visit.

The survey is based on a direct interview of persons engaged in subsidiary farming, using the following state statistical survey forms:

1-сх (дх – базовый) (basic) Basic Questionnaire of annual periodicity;

6-сх (дх – площади) (land area) Questionnaire on areas under crops for biannual submission (as of 1 June and 1 October);

as well as on filling by households of selected forms of state statistical survey:

12-сх (дх – животноводство)(animal husbandry) Journal for recording animal output and feed consumption, of monthly periodicity;

6-сх (дх – растениеводство)(crop growing) Journal for recording crop output, of monthly periodicity, from June through October.

The survey is based on the principles of voluntary participation of rural residents. The state statistics bodies shall guarantee the confidentiality of personal data received in the course of the survey. Data on individual households will be provided in the anonymised form not allowing for the identification of respondents, and will be used for the compilation of official statistical information on rural households.

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