Competencies of modern statisticians are presented at the International Forum of Producers and Users of Statistics

International Forum of Producers and Users of Statistics, organized by the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States with the support of the CIS Executive Committee and the Federal State Statistics Service continued its work on September 14, 2023 in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation).

Within the framework of the fourth session "Human Capacity Development of Statistics" the report "Competences of Modern Statisticians. Challenges and Opportunities" was delivered by Olga Pozharitskaya, Head of the Human Resources Department of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

In her speech the representative of Belstat spoke detailed about training and development of professional competencies of employees of state statistical offices.

The realization of the tasks facing the state statistical offices is impossible without highly qualified specialists. That is why the requirements to the competencies of modern statisticians are increasing day by day, and improving the quality of training and ensuring their continuing education are among the main directions in the work with personnel," - said the representative of Belstat in her speech.

The process of professional development in the bodies of state statistics is aimed at improving and acquiring by the staff the most important skills: managerial, analytical, communicative, skills of working with the statistical information.

Presenting the organization of the training process of the Belstat employees, Olga Pozharitskaya emphasized the priority of cooperation with the leading educational institutions of the republic: Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State Economic University, Minsk State Linguistic University.

Annually on average 30 percent of employees of state statistical offices are sent to different forms of training. At the same time special attention is paid to sending for advanced training the heads of structural subdivisions of state statistical offices, as well as the persons included in the reserve for these positions, and the persons included in the perspective personnel reserve. Training of this category of workers contributes to the continuity of the staff, the inflow of young, enterprising specialists-managers.

In her speech Olga Pozharitskaya paid attention to the cooperation between Belstat and Belarusian State Economic University. Within the framework of the agreement on cooperation Belstat determines the need for labor resources, provides practical training for students, takes part in the formation of topics of students' term papers and diploma theses, participates in the examination commissions and the commission for the distribution of students in the specialty of "statistics".

In the bodies of state statistics the graduates of the university are annually provided with the first job, conditions for retention of qualified young employees are created. Belstat improves and coordinates curricula and programs while organizing the process of training and professional development.

When training specialists in the field of "statistics" Belarusian State Economic University is guided by the educational standard of general higher education in this specialty. Currently the work on the professional standard which will optimize the distribution of labor functions of employees, determine the requirements for qualifications necessary to perform these functions, to update the educational standard for the specialty "statistics" is underway.

At the end of her speech the representative of Belstat noted that the systematic, timely, continuous and prospective process of staff training, adjustment of training programs to new tasks, combination of international experience on the issue of training along with the national education system will allow to get a highly professional specialist in the field of state statistics, corresponding to the modern challenges of time.

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