Key areas of work on statistical development are discussed at the 71st plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians

The 71st Plenary Session of the UNECE Conference of European Statisticians (CES) is taking place in Geneva (Switzerland) from 22 to 23 June 2023. The National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus is represented at the event by the First Deputy Chairperson Elena Kukharevich.

The programme of the plenary session includes discussion of a wide range of methodological issues aimed at the development of official statistics in the UNECE region, including measurement of well-being, use of open source technologies, cooperation with private data providers.

During the discussion of the draft report "Data stewardship and the role of national statistical offices in the new data ecosystem" prepared by the Task Force on Data Stewardship, Elena Kukharevich mentioned that Belarus has a unified portal of e-services - a platform for receiving e-services by citizens and businesses, a single point of access to various e-services, as well as a source of information concerning administrative procedures.

According to the First Deputy Chairperson, a clear distribution of roles of all the participants of the country's data ecosystem may be one of the priority steps in the process of data management in the future. For example, the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus is constantly strengthening its coordinating position within the national statistical system. This year the amendments to the Law on Statistics came into force, which allowed not only to systematise the work with used data, but also to clearly define the participants of the process, their rights and obligations. The updated Law allows us to interact with data owners, starting from the design stage of data collection: administrative data providers are obliged to ensure the composition, structure and level of detail of the information they receive necessary for statistical purposes".

In conclusion, Elena Kukharevich supported the concept of the special role of national statistical offices in the new data ecosystem, considering their extensive experience in working with information, as well as the available opportunities to access various sources of information.

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