Seminar on SEEA was held in Belstat

On January 15-18, 2018, the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus hosted the Subregional Workshop on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) for Measuring Sustainable Development Goals, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the United Nations Statistical Commission with the support of Belstat, Central Statistical Office of the Netherlands and the European Environment Agency.

More than 40 representatives of statistical offices and environmental authorities from EECCA countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Turkey, as well as a number of international organizations participated in the seminar.

During the seminar, the issues of development and using SEEA were discussed, including for the purpose of calculating some indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals achievement. The experience of individual countries regarding the development of the SEEA was also presented. Particular attention was paid to energy accounts, air emissions, water resources, accounting for material flows and environmental expenditures. A separate session was devoted to experimental ecosystem accounting.

In addition, the seminar participants shared their experience in implementation of SEEA at the national level and discussed further steps in the development of environmental-economic accounting in their countries.

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