В.1. Air temperature


B1 – Air temperature

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Brief description:

Theindicatorshows average annual air temperaturesanddeviation from the average temperature values in the Republic of Belarus as well as by selected cities and areas with the maximum and the minimum average temperature;
average annual air temperatures by region.

Annual average air temperatures in the Republic of Belarus for 2000-2020



Air temperature is measured atfixedstations of the state hydrometeorologicalsurvey network;
The average temperature for 1961-1990 (the standard calculated based on the 30-year observation data) was used as a climate standard as recommended by the World Meteorological Organization.

Data source:

The National Environmental Monitoring System;
The data producer is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Relevance of the indicator:

The indicator provides a measure of changes that can be related both to natural cyclic climatic variations and to anthropogenic impact on climate change.

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