В.2. Atmospheric precipitation


B2 – Atmospheric precipitation

download the file in Excel format for 1990–2020

Brief description:

The indicator shows annual average precipitation and deviation from the long-term average precipitation in the Republic of Belarus as well as by selected cities and areas with the maximum and the minimum average precipitation;
annual average precipitation is presented by region.

Annual precipitation for 2000-2020



Precipitation represents the total volume of water precipitated to a certain surface area for a given period of time (in either liquid or solid state, i.e. in the form of rain, drizzle, snow, sleet, snow pellets, small hail or hail);
Measurements are made at hydrometeorological stations;
The average precipitation for 1961-1990 (the standard calculated based on the 30-year observation data) was used as a climate standard as recommended by the World Meteorological Organization.

Data source:

The National Environmental Monitoring System;
The data producer is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Relevance of the indicator:

The indicator characterises the impact of precipitation on the change in quantity of surface water and groundwater.

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