C.3. Total water use

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Brief description:
The total volume of freshwater abstracted from natural sources; water losses and non-recorded water consumption, including water losses during transport; freshwater use by economic activity; total freshwater use per unit of GDP.

Total freshwater use in the Republic of Belarus


The total freshwater use is the water withdrawn from natural sources or received from water supply systems of other water users, used to meet various needs. The volume of water in circulating and recycling (successive) water supply systems, transit water as well as reused waste and drainage water is not included.;

The official statistical information on freshwater resources is classified by economic activity:

- for 2006-2015: the National classification of the Republic of Belarus «Types of Economic Activity» 005-2006 (compliant with NACE Rev. 1.1) was used;
- since 2016: the National classification of the Republic of Belarus «Types of Economic Activity» 005-2011 (compliant with NACE Rev. 2.0) is used.

In the context of water users up to 2006, the information is presented on the basis of data on the purposes of water use.

Data source:

Water abstraction and water use (except water use by households): official statistics on the state statistical report 1-water (Ministry of Environment) «Report on water use»; the data producer is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus;

Water use by households: administrative data on the leave of water to the population; the data producer is the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus.

Relevance of the indicator:

The indicator provides a measure of the freshwater use, as well as the pressure on the environment in terms of consumption of freshwater resources.

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