F.2. Fertilizer consumption


F2 – Fertilizer consumption

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Brief description:

The amount of mineral (nitrogen, phosphorous and potash) and organic fertilizers used in total and per unit of agricultural area;
Consumption fertilizers for particular types of crops (grains and legumes, potatoes, vegetables, forage crops, rape, flax, sugar beets), in total and per hectare of sown area.

Consumption of mineral and organic fertilizers per hectare of agricultural
area of agricultural organizations



The amount of mineral and organic fertilizers is estimated from the data of the state statistical report 1-sh (fertilizers) "Report on the use of fertilizers and pesticides" submitted by legal entities (except micro-organizations and private (peasant) farms), their separate units that have separate balance, carrying out agricultural activities and having an agricultural area of 300 hectares or more;

The indicator reflects the amount of mineral and organic fertilizers used for the harvest of the reporting year, taking into account the amount used in autumn of the previous year for winter crops and plowing, including their consumption before sowing of crops, for perennial plantations, hayfields and pastures, in protected soil, during sowing and/or in the form of supplementary fertilizing;

Relative indicators are calculated from absolute data with a smaller unit of measurement than those provided in the tables.

Data source:

Total agricultural area, agricultural area of agricultural organizations: administrative data; the data producer is the State Committee for Property of the Republic of Belarus;

Fertilizer consumption:

state statistical report 1-sh (fertilizers) "Report on the use of fertilizers and pesticides"; the data producer is the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

Relevance of the indicator:

The indicator makes it possible to assess the pressure on the environment arising through the use of fertilizers.

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