G.1. Final energy consumption


G1 – Final energy consumption

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Brief description:

Final energy consumption in total, by economic activity (industry, transport, service sector, agriculture, forestry and fishery), households and non-energy use.

The structure of final energy consumption
in the Republic of Belarus in 2010 and 2018

(as percentage of total)


Final energy consumption is formed in the result of construction of energy balance in format and using methodology of International Energy Agency (IEA) in accordance with Energy Statistics Manual (OECD/IEA/Eurostat, 2007);

Energy Statistics Manual (OECD/IEA/Eurostat, 2007);

Database documentation provides support information for the IEA World Energy Balances database;

Final energy consumption covers the consumption of energy by the final consumers (enterprises of all economic activities and households) and non-energy use.

Non-energy use covers fuels that are used as raw materials in the different sectors and are not consumed as a fuel or transformed into another fuel.

Data source:

IEA Energy Balances of the Republic of Belarus.

Relevance of the indicator:

The indicator shows trends in final energy consumption by users. Improving the efficiency of energy consumption (or reducing energy intensity) reduces negative environmental impacts.

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