G.3. Energy intensity


G3 – Energy intensity

download the file in Excel format for 1990–2018

Brief description:

Calculated indicator presents the amount of energy consumed to produce a unit of GDP.

GDP energy intensity for 1990-2018
(tons of oil equivalent per billion international dollars
at constant prices 2017 in terms of PPP)


GDP energy intensity is defined as the ratio between total primary energy supply (and/or the final energy consumption) and the Gross Domestic Product calculated for a calendar year at constant prices in terms of purchasing power parity.

Data source:
IEA Energy Balances of the Republic of Belarus

Relevance of the indicator:

The dynamics of energy intensity characterize the level of efficiency of energy consumption in the country. The indicator is one of the key indicators of sustainable development. Improving energy efficiency (reducing energy intensity) reduces negative environmental impacts.

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