Retail and wholesale trade; catering in the Republic of Belarus

230 pages; to be released in July

The book presents statistical indicators that describe domestic trade of the Republic of Belarus and its development trends.

Published are data on retail and catering turnover; on commodity structure of retail turnover, share of domestically produced goods, commodity stocks at retail facilities; on retail facilities and catering facilities. Data for the main indicators are provided for a number of years in a breakdown by regions and Minsk city, districts and cities of regional subordination; by ownership and types of economic entities.

Separate sections are dedicated to the performance indicators of brand shops, consumer cooperation, individual entrepreneurs; consumer price movements, consumer expenditure and purchasing power of money income of the population. Main indicators are shown in comparison with the CIS and other countries.

The section dedicated to the wholesale contains the data on the wholesale turnover, sale and stocks of selected goods, warehousing facilities of wholesale organisations. Included is the information on the activities of commodity exchanges.

For the economic activity Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles included are data on the average payroll employment and nominal gross average monthly earnings; main financial and economic performance indicators; as well as the indicators showing the contribution of this economic activity in the main macroeconomic indicators.

Selected statistical indicators are furnished with brief methodological notes.

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