Sphere of Services in the Republic of Belarus, 2012

Sphere of Services in the Republic of Belarus, 2012

Document type: Statistical data books

Registration No.: 09/1/82-р

Registration date: 14 April 2012

Organization: National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat)

Periodicity: Annual

Language: Russian и English

Abstract: The statistical book contains data on the main macroeconomic indicators of services sector: output, gross value added of the services sector and the structure of gross value added. Presented are data on the number of organizations in the services sector, volume of services provided by these organizations, on the number of employees and average monthly wages and salaries, financial standing and investment activities in the services sector in a breakdown by economic activities.  The data book also provides indicators reflecting activities of organizations that supply selected services, i.e. paid services for the population, transportation and communication services, services of accommodation and roadside facilities, etc.

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