Chairperson of Belstat took part in the II Congress of Polish Statistics and seminar “100 Years of Statistics Poland. From Historical Perspective to Forward Look”

16 july 2018

Events 2018

Chairperson of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus Inna Medvedeva took part in the II Congress of Polish Statistics and the seminar "100 years of Statistics Poland. From historical perspective to forward look". Heads of international organisations, academia, national statistical offices of other countries also participated in the events.

During the thematic sessions, the sides discussed the issues related to statistical surveys, regional, social and economic statistics, population, sports and tourism statistics, data collection and processing.

On the sidelines of the forums, Chairperson of Belstat Inna Medvedeva had bilateral meetings with Director General of Eurostat Marianna Kotzeva, Director of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Statistical Division Lidia Bratanova, and World Bank consultant Jozef Olenski.