Meeting of the Deputy Chairperson of the National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus with WHO representatives

11 july 2023

Events 2023

Immediate and medium-term plans concerning improvement of the eHealth system were discussed at the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus on 11 July 2023 during the meeting of Zhanna Vasilevskaya, Deputy Chairperson of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO). Valentin Rusovich, Coordinator of Public Health Programmes of the WHO Country Office in the Republic of Belarus, Karapet Davtyan, Technical Specialist of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and Anna Korotkova, International Consultant of the Data and Digital Health Department of the WHO Regional Office participated in the meeting from WHO side. The meeting took place within the framework of the WHO experts' technical mission to the Republic of Belarus.

The parties discussed a wide range of issues in the field of health statistics, concerning the processes of collection, data processing, generation and dissemination of official statistical information, making managerial decisions on its basis.

In 2022, Belstat, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, carried out work on automating the collection of primary statistical data by forms of non-centralized state statistical observations in the form of an electronic document using the Unified Information System of State Statistics of the Republic of Belarus. Currently, all processes of data collection, data processing, generation and dissemination of official statistics are fully automated.

During the conversation the parties discussed the Policy of revision of official statistical information, including the issues of retrospective recalculation of data for the intercensus period, interaction with users of official statistical information in order to identify their information needs, informatisation and application of mathematical modelling in statistics.

Discussing with WHO experts the statistical indicators formed by the Belstat that characterise the population's attitude to health, Zhanna Vasilevskaya, Deputy Chairperson of Belstat, noted that Belarus conducts on a regular basis a sample household living standards survey, the programme of which covers a wide range of different thematic issues. As part of the survey, Belstat receives data on consumer expenditures of households aimed at paying for medical goods and services, subjective assessment by the population of their and children's health, as well as the population over 16 years old, engaged in physical exercises and sports, smokers. Besides, the issues of accessibility of medicines and health care services to the population, satisfaction with their quality are studied.

Thus, in 2021, to fill the data gap for SDG 16.6.2 "Proportion of the population satisfied with their last experience of public services" (including public health services), a household survey was conducted in accordance with the global methodology for calculating this indicator.

It is planned that the result of the technical mission of WHO experts will be the development of recommendations to strengthen the national e-health system in the Republic of Belarus.