Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Belarus

Publishing period - September (in Russian), October (in English)

The Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive publication of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus that reflects phenomena and processes occurring in the economic and social life of the country. The Yearbook provides the information on the demographic situation, employment, working conditions and living standards. Some sections are devoted to the characteristics of the main areas of the social sphere.

Data on the production and use of gross domestic product are published. A significant place is given to the indicators representing certain types of economic activity - industrial production, agriculture, forestry, construction, transport, and trade.

There is information about natural resources and environmental protection. Data on scientific potential of the republic, results of research and development, innovation activity, use of information and communication technologies are given. There is information about financial condition of organizations, monetary system, small and medium business, prices and tariffs for goods and services.

There is a separate chapter of the yearbook, devoted to foreign economic activity which contains data on foreign trade in goods and services, foreign trade prices, and information foreign investments.

Methodological explanations are given to the main statistical indicators published in this Yearbook.

It is published in Russian and English languages.

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